Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Teaching under college level proves to be wonderful!!

In January of this year I began teaching art to Middle School students thorough a program in New Jersey for somewhat gifted kids called The Arts and Education Center. Getting back to teaching after having my daughter has been a big struggle. I never thought for a moment that I would teach under college level let alone under high school. What started out as a very questionable teaching assignment turned into one if the most (if not the most) rewarding teaching experiences of my life. Sure some of the kids were a little more difficult to deal with than others but, as a group it was a pleasure having each and every one of them in class. Then there are the shinning stars, the ones you see as budding artists with so much potential and natural talent and that is just pure joy.  I was humbled to be one of the teachers who will come in and out of their lives. Thanks again to my good friend Jimmy for helping me get this opportunity!! Here are some pix from the final art festival exhibition. 

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