Wednesday, May 20, 2009

JPMorganChase/COAHSi grant recipient

Yes, I am so excited to share with you that I am a recipient of the JPMorganChase Arts in our Communities grant through Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island. I am really so thrilled and excited about this grant. It is a grant that's goal was to support art about the immigrant/refugee experience. I came up with a very personal project based on my daughter and the affects of her ancestors immigration to this country as Armenians from Iran on her fathers side and from Italy on my side. The Armenian heritage will play a more dominant role because my husband  is first generation here in the US and his family speaks Armenian fluently where as I am third generation and the Italian language is almost lost completely in my family.
The work will be about language and how it connects us to our roots and how it is a struggle to maintain that language with every generation.
I am showing this image only as a visual example of what the work I plan to make will sort of look like. Yet, at the same time it will be very different. I have 7 months to finish this very challenging project. Needless to say, I will soon be very busy indeed!! But look forward to a big celebration come the new year!!
Again, I am thrilled to receive this (my first ever) grant and so excited to do this project.

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