Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jenna Drawing and The First Small Belly Dancer

After creating the first three large drawings I felt I needed to capture forever the image of Jenna, who was then, and in many ways always will be, my belly dance teacher.  This drwaing is made the same way as the other large drwaings but this is 5'x5'. Jenna remains to this day the best belly dancer I have ever seen and one of my favorite people on the planet. She is such an amazing performer and true artist. I am blessed to also call her a dear friend. She was here in NYC until a few years ago when she relocated to LA. and started her own dance school Dance Garden. I am so thrilled that she just had her first baby with her hubby Mitch, a boy they named Isidor Valentine (Izzy). I am thrilled for her and all the things she has accomplished and especially for becoming a Mama!! I am so happy for them.
 Please visit her website at Beyondbellydance . I can't say enough about her! I do need to make another drawing of her though!!
This is the first smaller belly dancer drawing I ever made...many, many more followed.

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