Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's New Year, It's a new dawn, It'a a new day!!!

Well I think it's about time I started to get this blog going again!! The end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 has proved to be much better than '08 and most of '09. It was a very difficult run there for many reasons and it's not as if everything now is all sunshine and flowers but, I'll tell ya there are blossoms and the beginnings of really good things to come! The start of this turn around happened with the JP Morgan Chase/COAHSI grant. However, it was stressful and next to impossible to get that project going, much less finished at home. It was a matter of space in more ways than one! So, Dec.1st, I was lucky to get a studio at Sailors Snug Harbor!! Something that I dreamed of since moving here to S.I. N.Y. 7 years ago. I am in there working on my art like I did at my NYC studio prior to the move and prior to having my girl. However, it's also very different. I'm different. In NYC I had three studio mates. I don't think I could do that again. Besides sharing the space with Steve (my husband) and setting up a little corner for my girl with her own easel and paints when she is there, I think those are the only "studio mates" I could deal with at this point in my life. For the most part I am usually in there alone and I'll tell you, being in there alone, just me and my paintings, it's like finding myself all over again, remembering really who I am and why I am. I am a FINE artist, a figurative painter with deep emotions, complicated ideas and specific things I want to express. Sure, I can hobby at other things and even really really enjoy, design and crafts but, without expressing myself through drawing and painting I am just not me. All I have to say is thank goodness that grant came along to push me back, and thank goodness this studio came along to give me a place to make the work. I feel like it is time now for me to make the work I always knew I could. The icing on the cake came at the start of the New Year when I received another grant for another project. A COAHSI Premier grant and this one directs me back to my "babies" work. Granted (hehehe) these are not big $$$ grants but they are enough to help pay for the studio, supplies and getting most the work done. Right now that's enough for me. Look at me..I'm painting and two solo shows planned for this year. WOW!! I really want to thank COAHSI and specifically Ginger Schulick for reaching out to me and encouraging me to apply for those grants. Really if it were not for them, I'd still be stuck! Expect more blogging from me this year!! I'll leave you with a beautiful view from my studio window during the start of the wonderful snow!!

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