Thursday, March 18, 2010

Armenian American/ SAVE THE DATE

Opening at SHOW Gallery S.I. NY April 23, 2010 Hey....anyone know this guy???? Another sneak peek for ya.'s been blissful getting back to my work. I am enjoying every minute (and sometimes that's all I get in a day is minutes) I spend in my studio painting. Especially now that I've got all my stuff from the old studio. It's funny how you can just exist and get by but when you delve your self into what it is that makes you who you are... the pure joy of just feel like..OH...this is all it takes to keep me happy. This, my family and good health. Now I just have to stay focused and continue doing what I am doing to allow myself to keep making my art. Strange how simple it really is and sometimes you just don't see it. This portrait is almost finished....just some work on the lettering and background and it should do it! This is the last sneak peak your gonna get! The progress of Giulietta's portrait will remain secret until the opening on April 23rd...Hope to see you all there!!! XO P

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Anonymous said...

Amazing work! Can wait to see it all!!!